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A traveling-shot about the last day on earth.

The camera operation consists of a tracking shot that runs through a drawing* in several directions while telling a story about war and cinema. Perception is done in parts – fragments of the overall plan that is the drawing are framed.

We begin with a close-up of the mushroom cloud, its affection-image. He lets go of the static, and pulls the camera back, showing how the explosion takes place still at a safe distance, that of the framed image on the wall. The camera shows the chair and the table. We are in a room. Then comes the cut – it is already in the plane of the curtain that we go down, slowly sliding down the fabric to find a cat at the window, purring in is sleep. The medium shot, which is her action-image, first reveals a woman, then a man. They are in trench coats, they don't intend to stay for long. Finally we see a large globe that twinkles. These are the mobile cuts of a whole that only reveals itself at the end. But in the end of what exactly?

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