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FRAME[scapes] is a filmographic essay study on the emotional
implication and the sensation of presence in the city mediated by
technique. Experiencing the city, experiencing spaces and places through the lens of a camera, is an essay that brings us closer to a construction rooted in the transmutation of different media (from television to the 


The city-screen is increasingly perceived from a global point of view, determined by the spatial-temporal dynamics, which facilitates perpetual nomadism and the speed of images that convey notions of transience and acceleration. The phenomenon of the city as a “tele-visual” structure presupposes different atopic telecommunities (out of place), built under the aegis of “tele-presence” and “tele-objectivity” – a dissolution of real space.

This project aims to create a set of configurations to theorize the interrelationships between film/video, urban space, archives, geography, cartography, atlases, etc. It is intended to test and generate a model applicable to other structures (cinema, television, internet), of a hybrid nature, emphasizing the importance of the cinematic look and its projection in the context of the contemporary city from a theoretical-practical model. Real space VS space-scenario, theory as a creation and not just as a description, are important concerns from which research is built for the creation of a plastic object inspired by drift, flânerie and the camera's gaze.

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