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- Website in motion: an online base structure that is not a mere parking lot for content, but which helps to involve audiences and has monitoring and participation tools, in order to engage the community around the films.

- Project-specific publication, of a procedural nature, documenting the entire project.

- Conception, planning and opening of an exhibition of films made in an institution of national and international importance.

- Colloquium on the theme of “FRAME[scapes] – for a geokinematics of the city.

- Design of pedagogical and educational material about the project, so that it can be used as a teaching tool in universities and as material for future research (e.g. a project guide, screenings, sharing of content with other partner institutions so that the dissemination of the project is more comprehensive). Contributions to ULHT-CICANT.

- Boost cinematographic production and its relationship with society and the territory, in its most diverse aspects.

- Enhance work based on knowledge and information in an interdisciplinary way from films and theoretical reflections in the context of ULHT-CICANT: production of a set of films/essays, production of different contents and pedagogical materials (analog and digital), final exhibition of the films/essays, and, finally, the transmission of knowledge to society based on the final results.

- Test a model that links theory and practice, placed on a complementary level from the cinematographic language.

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